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Unscented Lotion Bio Cream Collagen Cream
Unscented Lotion
Our Price: $12.00
Bio Cream
Our Price: $24.50
Collagen Cream
Our Price: $24.50
Another top selling men's item. Shaving can take a toll on men's skin and our HE Unscented After Shave Lotion helps prevent skin irritation that can occur after shaving. Also can be used at night to hydrate and keep skin supple and smooth. Does not block pores. This light, unscented formula can be used for all skin types and all ages.

Also great as a hand moisturizer for skin subjected to the elements.
The moisturizing  Bio Cream works beneath the surface of the skin to help tiny cells absorb moisture and therefore keep the skin wrinkle free. Wear daily even on days makeup isn't worn.  Apply with a spatula.

Give your skin a radiant appearance! Collagen is a main structural protein that helps keep the skin tight. Our Collagen Cream is specially formulated serious moisture supplement that works beneath the skin.

Vitamin A&D Moisturizer (Lotion) Overnight Sensation Ultra Rich Night Cream
Overnight Sensation
Our Price: $24.50
Ultra Rich Night Cream
Our Price: $24.50
Our proprietary formula contains Vitamins A & D. Vitamin A is an antioxidant that interrupts the free radicals that damage skin to create wrinkles. Vitamin A can also help shrink pores and keep skin taunt. Vitamin D helps with acne and skin inflammation while also helping to hydrate skin and keep it elastic.  It is a lighter consistency than our creams and popular with men and teens. A night time lubricating and moisturizing lotion that contains the antioxidants A, D, E. Apply a small amount to face and throat at night using an upward motion, moving in the directions of the muscles. This is a favorite of our Patricia Gaile Consultants and Customers and we know why-it's an incredibly effective night moisturizer. Ultra Rich Night Cream helps combat one of the main causes of wrinkles: lack of oils in the skin. Our formula leaves the skin with a texture like velvet.

If you have normal/dry skin, it is important to have both a Day and a Night Cream. A day moisturizer helps you retain moisture during the day while a night cream is used to replenish moisture while you sleep. Night moisturizers also don't need to compete with other types of cosmetics so it can go deeper into your skin to repair and condition your skin. Oily skin should limit the use of a night cream to the neck, throat and eyelids.

Vitamized Antioxidant Collagen Cream with Royal Jelly Royal Jelly Milk Balm
Vitamized Antioxidant
Our Price: $28.00
Royal Jelly Milk Balm
List Price: $36.50
Our Price: $37.50
A specially formulated moisturizer of Vitamins A, C, D & E. that naturally repairs your skin from damage caused by free radicals (single oxygen molecules). Neutralize the damaging effect of sun exposure, stress and pollution. Using the Hazel Keller Vitamized Antioxidant Cream will help repair and prevent visible signs of aging to keep your skin strong. Vitamin C is added to illuminate and even out skin tone. Skin looks younger and lines less noticeable.
All the benefits of our Collagen Cream plus the added benefits of the healing and nutrient rich, Royal Jelly The Ultimate Moisturizer and Skin Nourisher! Hazel Keller Royal Jelly Milk Balm is a miracle of natural meeting science. This special skin cream made of a blend of luxurious ingredients is truly the ultimate in Hazel Keller's corrective and protective Skin Care Program. Our Royal Jelly Milk Balm prevents premature wrinkles, signs of aging, softens the skin and creates better texture to your skin.

Royal Jelly is a food substance given only to Queen Bees by the workers bees. It contains natural protein matter that feeds essential vitamins and nutrients to your skin. In our labs we blend the almost-magic powers of Nature's food of the Queen Bee with a soft blended moisturizer base that include skin-soothing Allantoin, Lanolin and the skin essential Vitamins A & E. Hazel Keller Royal Jelly Milk prepares your skin for the magic of Hazel Keller Cosmetics-making your skin look more flawless and helping your makeup last all day. Use to help heal skin while you sleep.